Sunday, August 30, 2009

Ten teams won comfort prizes of Rs.1,500

Ten teams won comfort prizes of Rs.1,500 each. The winners are: Polity Women's College, captained by C.J. Prasanna Kumari; the Governing Discipline College, Barton Comedian, led by Tejaswini; Maharaja Arts and Sports Order, led by Tara Gopinath; Blossoms, led by Sharanya Das; the LBS Make of Profession for Women, led by Shilpa; SBI LHO, led by Sheeba Varghese; Invis Multitech, led by Anitha; and two teams, one led by Babe and else by Valliammal B.

Visitors to the circumstance also won prizes through lucky-dip, including disentangled stay at star resorts. All the teams were supposition Rs.500 towards outgo of flowers. The title-sponsor of the repugn was the Union Slope of Bharat patch Certainty BIG TV, Bru and Dot Salinity were the degree sponsors. Gifts were sponsored by Nirlep, Kirtilals, Element Scapes, Kumarakom; Estuary Island, Poovar and Embellish Hut, Thiruvananthapuram.

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