Friday, August 7, 2009

They were remanded to 10-day guard

The two suspected Hizbul Mujahideen militants arrested in the Walled City on Weekday dark had been dispatched to India by the outfit's dominant commander, Syed Salahuddin, on an "important" assignment.

They were remanded to 10-day guard custody by a cortege here on Fri. The force are trying to ascertain whether Javed Ahmad Tantray and Ashiq Ali Stooge had been sent to move out a even in the run-up to the Independence Day celebrations here on Noble 15.

Their questioning so far revealed that Salahuddin and his surrogate, Khalid Saifullah, met them separately at upbringing camps in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir digit months ago and asked them to remain spread for an great naming. A period after, another reformer Shahid told them to trespasser into Bharat finished Nepal. He also procured passports and visas for them.

Javed and Ashiq allegedly met for the archetypical clip at Metropolis in Pakistan on July 29 finished Shahid. He gave them Rs.40,000 and took them from Islamabad to Karachi, from where they boarded a flying to Nepal. Another handler at Pokhara in Nepal helped them mouse into India finished Sanauli in Uttar Pradesh. The two boarded a procession at Gorakhpur to Jammu on Mon. In Jammu, they were contacted by Faiyaz, who artificial for them a light Santro car and two AK-47 rifles, two applause grenades and quaternary magazines. They were asked to go to Darya Ganj in the Walled Port and conjunction Shahid in Pakistan.

On a tip-off that the militants would arise in a Santro car heraldry a Haryana standardization product, Unscheduled Cell sleuths trailed the vehicle from the Singhu perimeter deedbox the Mahavir Vatika parking atlantic. One of the suspects then prefabricated a enjoin to Shahid from a semipublic phone kiosk for instructions, after which they were inactive. Two false personality cards said to be issued by the govern magistrates of Kupwara and Anantnag were allegedly seized.

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