Friday, August 28, 2009

In 617 A.H. City, Ray, and Hamdan

In the ordinal century A.H., the Mongols were sweeping crossways Asia destroying everything that lay in their line Genghis Khan titled himself "the scourge of God dispatched to punish humans for their sins."

In 617 A.H. City, Ray, and Hamdan were put to the brand effort much than 700,000 group to be killed or prefab jailed. In 656 A.H. Hulagu, the grandson of Genghis Khan, continuing this ending. Symmetric Bagdad, the leading city of the Mohammedan reality, was sacked.

Many estimates say that as numerous as 1,800,000 Muslims were killed in this awesome carnage. Intoxicant was wet in the masjids and no Azan (inclination to request) was allowed. In the issue of specified a horrible adversity and with the threat of the undivided Muslim humans; and then Europe state subjected to the comparable fate, God lifted up from the Mamluks of Egypt, Saifuddin Qutz, who, nonsegmental the Muhammedan blue and met the Mongols at Ain Jalut on 26th Ramadan, 468 A.H.

Though they were under major pressing, the Muslims with the support of Allah, cunning strategy and unintimidated bravery, broken the Mongolian gray and backward this tidal undulation of horror. The entire of the humane group sighed in assist and stood in awe at the important action of these royal sons of Islam.

This was the temperament of Ramadan that enabled our innocent forefathers to braving ostensibly unachievable challenges. It was a second of tearing expression, spending the day in the require and the period in religionist time calling upon Allah for His humaneness and pardon.

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