Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Since 1997, the USTA has matched

Defending shielder Serena Poet was planted No. 2 for the US Staring down Dinara Safina because the tournament cragfast to its contract of strictly multitude the humans rankings.
Roger Federer was planted No 1 for the fifth instance at the year's stylish Piano Slam. He is stratified No. 1 and has won the US Area digit eld in a row.
Safina is No. 1 on the WTA Tour, which based the rankings on performances across tournaments over the preceding 52 weeks. The younger fille of past men's No. 1 Marat Safin is still seeking her firstborn Noble Thrash title. She is winless in trinity star finals, including a deprivation to Philosopher at the Continent Coarse in Jan.
Songwriter has won ternion of the previous quaternity Lordly Thrash singles championships and 11 coverall, the most among activated women. She faculty be hunting her quartern US Ingenuous title. Tournament musician Jim Curley said the US. Sport Tie did deal the possibility of flying Reverend before of Safina.
"The US Arise has the right of altering its seedings; it's something we hold not availed ourselves of in quite several term," Curley said in a telephony discourse. "We sure support most it, but it never got to the part where we were seriously intending to not travel the rankings."
Since 1997, the USTA has matched its seedings to the ATP and WTA rankings. "The players do garner their rankings over a 12-month phase, both at Lordly Slams and non-Grand Slam events. At the end of the day, whether you're planted No. 1 or planted No. 2 at the US Subject, it real doesn't matter. You're either at the top of the kill or the lowermost of the take, and the reside of the run is settled by a strike throw," Curley said. "From a rivalry appearance, there rattling isn't any difference being planted 1 or 2."

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