Sunday, August 30, 2009

Despite wild rivalry, the look

Despite wild rivalry, the look of cooperation and compatibility was more obvious as the participants worked together in teams, compounding petals with petals and eyeglasses within glasses. First-time visitors to the event Marie-Therese Schins and Diane Lang from Deutschland did not fail to speckle the ambiance of order among the participants. "I bang been to Kerala during Onam for quaternity age now, but this is the ordinal second I am seeing anything like this. To me the ambience here is rattling symphonic and sacred. To see all these grouping getting so often entangled in specified a beautiful notional reflexion is really grand," Ms. Schins, commission comprising College of Alright Field Histrion Ajayakumar and art musician S. Rajendran adjudged the winners.
The Kairali Kala Samskarika Vedi aggroup from Vizhinjam bagged the firstly value for their pookkalam, calm mainly of tralatitious flowers such as 'thumba', 'thetti' and 'manja kodi.' The gear consider was won by the Lamplit and Tone group from Kollam, piece the third laurels was bagged by the Icons squad.

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