Monday, October 5, 2009

In Kollam, since no mahouts

P. Sasikumar, widespread help of the federation, said tho' Kollam district had 84 unfree elephants, exclusive two calves participated in the event. No elephant participated in Kottayam. In Perumbavoor, one participated, in Thrissur, two, and in Palakkad, tierce. Tho' the Timberland Division and Devaswom Boards together own 148 elephants, only two elephants of the Fowl Devaswom Live participated. A escaped welfare check-up for elephants and a liberal medical bivouac for mahouts were set at the venues.

In Kollam, since no mahouts came for the disembarrass examination dwell, the generalized national were allowed to move in the domicile. Mr. Sasikumar said the federation had been tailing the directions of the Biome Division in implanting micro chips in all jailed elephants and supportive the Rs.2.5-lakh contract group to compensate victims of elephant attacks.

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