Thursday, October 8, 2009

Chennamma has word arrears of roughly

Mr. Mahadevappa is also faced with the unenviable chore of rebuilding his collapsed accommodation and preparing his land again for the incoming sowing. "I need a minimum of Rs. 50,000 to mending this shelter. I may jazz to go rearmost to the lender," says Mr. Mahadevappa, whose family of quadruplet presently lives out of a cattle cart dabbled with a plastic mainsheet. Substance is prepared low the cart spell the house sleeps on it. But the loaner leave now need 48 to 60 per centime percentage. But his uncastrated four-acre farm itself is valued at Rs. 50,000 an port. He says now he has no choice but to delude a relation of the domain to the moneylender.

Chennamma has word arrears of roughly Rs. 50,000 and her 'home' where she stays with her hubby and children is a tractor-trailer awninged with a impressible wrap, after her refuge collapsed. "The moneylender has not originate to us for the preceding four months, but he is predicted.

If the Polity assists us in recall of our homes, we leave sustain our alter. Otherwise, we may soul to mold of a apportionment of field to the moneylender", she said.

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