Thursday, October 8, 2009

This respect was distributed among

The destructive floods in direction Karnataka may permanently consequence the lives of a ample name of diminutive and marginal farmers since their debt charge has reached such an unconquerable story that they may recede their landholdings to moneylenders.

This respect was distributed among insufficient farmers in the flood-affected villages visited by this newspaperwoman in parts of Gadag and Bagalkot districts. Farmers hit suffered manifold losses - drought in the previous season, floods in the submit mollify, and damage to their houses and holding in the floods.

Mahadevappa, a 35-year-old granger in Surakod of Gadag region, open his uncastrated upright harvest of maize on his four-acre farm devastated in the floods caused by the Bennehalla. Equal his feller farmers, Mr. Mahadevappa had borrowed from moneylenders to buy farm inputs. He could not answer the loans he took in the previous toughen because his crops withered during the drought, and he is unable to riposte his subsequent debts either. This has arrogated his unconditioned conspicuous loans to about Rs. 50,000 which has to be repaid at an interest range of 36 per centime (Rs. 3 a month on a give of Rs. 100).

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