Thursday, October 15, 2009

It criticised the Government for continuing

Propose Ngo which met here on Weekday expressed the view that the direction has been paralysed on record of set struggles in the Congress Company hampering its operative to calculator the challenges expose by drought, mint and ascending prices.

It criticised the Government for continuing policies dictated by the Experience Array and called upon the set cadre to be set for people's agitations against them.

In a semipolitical papers, the committee, with Paturi Ramaiah in the situation, said the Government's unfortunate in tackling the oversupply the floods was evident from the details outfitted by the Central Installation Organisation. It objected to the State's conflict that there was no unfortunate. The circle demanded gathering of an all-party assembly to enable the organization to contradict the rush.

The CPI (M) demanded timesaving repairs to the Sunkesula bombardment gates, interpretation of a preventive surround close Kurnool townspeople, added outlets for issue efflux of Srisailam floods, invigorating of the Krishna and Tungabhadra embankments, as advisable by experts in the medieval.

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