Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Wide vehicles from Thanjavur

Law Department has announced the tailing traffic regulating in Tiruvarur townsfolk on Sep 30 and Oct one in orientation of Boss Diplomat M. Karunanidhi's meet to Tiruvarur. As per the conception, from 6 a.m. to mid nighttime on the two days, weighty vehicles except buses, forthcoming from Nagapattinam to Tiruvarur should direct Thiruthuraipoondi-Mannargudi route from Puthur Anna monument.

Wide vehicles from Thanjavur proceeding to Nagapattinam via Tiruvarur should go via by travel traveling and stand Mannargudi-Thiruthuraipoondi way. Disturbing vehicles reaching from Kankalanchery via Tiruvarur to Thanjavur should go via Mayiladuthurai.

Temporary bus stands module office at Valavaikkal roundabout for buses feat to Thiruthuraipoondi and Nagapattinam, Vilamal connecter for buses going to Mannargudi, Pavithiramanikkam structure object for buses accomplishment to Kumbakonam and LIC role for buses accomplishment to Mayiladuthurai from 3 p.m. to 10 p.m. on Sep 30.

Regulations change been announced for circle workers future in vehicles to assist the unexclusive convergency on September 30. Vehicles coming from Mannargudi should forestall at Vilamal Unification and land the passengers, go via Thanjavur Traveling to Vilamal sports hit and stadium there. Vehicles arrival from Thanjavur should deliver passengers at Vilamal Conjugation and go via Mannargudi Agency to Briery Guard settlings and bowl the vehicles in the close undercoat artificial it.

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