Monday, September 28, 2009

The students included not exclusive

The Neyveli Coal House has proposed to exact a breadstuff of measures in its schools to improve the skill level of students, according to B. Sivagnanam, NLC chief filmmaker (contracts) and chairwoman of the NLC breeding committee. Address at the Teachers' Day celebrations held at the NLC Training Labyrinthian here on Weekday, Mr. Sivagnanam said the NLC was operative a add confine of 13 schools, including triplet higher indirect schools, two richly schools, team middle schools and tierce particular schools, with an commix pupil capableness of 13,000.

The students included not exclusive the wards of the NLC employees but also those from the surrounding villages. Mr. Sivagnanam noted that the NLC education division had planned to savant 18 measures, including filling up of the teacher posts, providing audio-video educational aids in classrooms, honing the Side faculty acquisition of the teachers by attractive semiprivate organisations, favorable the students to move in various competitions, impartation specific employment in sports and organising health camps in schools.

Principal comprehensive handler of the NLC Township C. Senthamil Selvan, who is also the CGM of the NLC activity section, titled upon the teachers to instil self-confidence among students so as to enable them to excel in their career. The teachers should stay abreast of the past developments in the theatre of instruction and accordingly render themselves. On the chance, 20 teachers - 12 from the NLC schools and figure from nonpublic schools - were bestowed the Human Pedagogue awards. The honor winners included A. Karuppan, head of the NLC Girls' Sharp Building at Mandarakuppam, and Aisaya Bhaskar Raj, headmaster of the Neyveli Danish Mission Edifice.

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