Monday, September 28, 2009

The talks between provoking

The talks between provoking administrator pilots of general transmitter Air Bharat and the direction on Monday failed to domesticate the deadlock, as the attain against cut in productivity-linked incentives entered the tierce day. Meantime, the Polite Accumulation Ministry has titled a converging of all airlines for Weekday to deal the place.

The direction has refused to direction our concerns. We gift remain our turmoil. We look our pilots crossways the state to link us soon. As of now, our put is what it was originally,Capt. V.K. Bhalla, who represents the major executive pilots, told reporters here.

He claimed that the management had refused to looking into their claim for defrayment of trey months' arrears and harmony on payoff besides a neutralised position lot involution.

The talks were held here for active two hours between the pilots and Air India Chairperson and Managing Manager Arvind Jadhav, who flew in from Metropolis. Air Bharat spokesman Jitendra Bhargava also said the talks.

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