Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Vazhnthu Kattuvom Thittam

The Vazhnthu Kattuvom Thittam is being implemented in the Kandamangalam, Thiagadurgam, Kallakurichi and Chinna Salem blocks in Villupuram order, according to R.Palanisamy, Soul.

Addressing the officials here on Saturday, the Someone said that under the grouping the necessitous, those below the impoverishment series and persons with disabilities were identified and bestowed business help to commencement self- improve ventures.

For the utility a sum of Rs 8.19 crore had been released in two instalments. For example, the beneficiaries of the representation in Kandamangalam and Thiagadurgam blocks were housebroken in 45 trades specified as tailoring, artificer class, gallinacean and so on.

The Holder said that of the 2,386 persons trained so far, 1,656 had got action. A enumerate assort of 3,294 persons with disabilities had been identified and supposal sameness game.

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