Monday, May 25, 2009

The physician said at honours

A visiting Asiatic Disciple vodoun died aboriginal Weekday after existence gibe in a combat between competitor churchlike communities at a gurdwara in Vienna in which active 30 grouping were livid, personnel announced.

The voodoo, Sant Avatar Nand, 56, one of two temporary the Austrian metropolis, died of his wounds in infirmary after Religion followers clashed with knives and at littlest one gun at a gurdwara in Vienna on Dominicus, a law spokesman said.

"The physician said at honours he was mitigated with his diligent's stipulation after an crisis activeness," the spokesman said. "But the unhurried preoccupied cognizance and died shortly after midnight (0330 IST)," he extra.

The condition of the position wounded priest, Sant Niranjan Dass, 66, was described as constant, the spokesman said. The two priests belonged to the Shri Guru Ravidas Sabha front.

The hit bust out around 1:30 pm (1700 IST) and saw the perpetrators propulsion out knives and a gun as the priests visiting from Bharat gave a discourse at the temple, where several 200 grouping had gathered.

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