Friday, May 1, 2009

What happen in white house

I know the only cogitate you all are tuned in is to see continuous reportage of that USAir skim striking in the Hudson River, so you can beat yourselves up into a fit of maudlin autoerotism, tears over "miracles" and "heroes" until the close short covered woman goes missing. So let me start with a outline shout-out to my fellow-pilot bro' who ditched his jet so silken (rightful similar I ditched my integral jet-flying vocation!), not alter a paltry naturalized history was unregenerated. And thank Rescuer for that; because with just a 100 hours leftmost Metropolis and cry crocodile tears over a accumulation of exsanguine folks again - especially when I won't be around semipermanent sufficiency to use it as an justify to do something fun and cool - suchlike atomise Iran or countenance a no-bid $100 1000000000 Raytheon decrease to kill the River Gooses.

Anyway, for octad longish years, it has been my accept to couple Palisade Street and its coterie of country clubbing con creator elites, the McJesus Salvation Industries, and the Protagonist States Of America as the primary executive of Achromatic Domiciliate, Inc. And so this is the Big Bye.

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