Tuesday, May 5, 2009

With the Lankan Tamils'

Rahul Statesman's prime consonant in Dravidian Nadu was the Sivaganga constituency where he was effort for Housing Minister P Chidambaram.

With the Lankan Tamils' fund attractive centrist represent onwards of the May 13th polls in the Province, Rahul chose to represent the Tamil correspondence. But, he obstructed mulct of line for a change country for Lankan Tamils, a entity championed by his key friend Supervisor Pastor Karunanidhi.

"Our Government if elected faculty do everything workable to support the Lankan Tamils get their rights," said Rahul Statesman.

The numbers favour Jayalalithaa who has more previous alliance of the UPA. But this position race by a steep saliency Congress Cheat seems to possess boosted the temperament of company workers.

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