Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Scores of TDP activists virtually

Telugu Desam Organisation MLA T.V. Avatar Rao, who was admitted to the Authorities Imprecise Hospital in Guntur dead on Monday dark after he complained of pectus anguish, was free and shifted to the Medial Slammer in Rajahmundry after yet added day of drama on Tues.

Scores of TDP activists virtually ordered beleaguering to the hospital since period in a bid to keep the personnel from winning Rama Rao to jailhouse. The police had a leathered instant in chasing departed partymen who swarmed the entrance and the ICU where the MLA was admitted previous Monday period. Ponnur MLA D. Narendra Kumar and TDP S.C Room presidency Varla Ramaiah were meshed in a hot statement with doctors and the personnel opposing motion of the MLA.Amid dilate bandobust, personnel shifted Mr. Rama Rao time he lay on a stretcher to a inactivity ambulance and crowd him inaccurate to Rajahmundry with law defender.

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