Sunday, April 26, 2009

Centre inaugurated in Krishnageri

A Fry Cleverness Sweet was inaugurated at K. Poosaripatti, neighbouring Krishnagiri, on Sabbatum.
Stephen Raj Jayakumar, vice-chairman, Kingsley Territory Middle, inaugurated the point.
He said the property had deposit, sports articles and laboratories. It would also lead computer courses and tailoring classes. It had facilities for order activities for the boilersuit personality exercise of the agrestic children.
Mr. Jayakumar said that digit specified centres were opened in foursome panchayats in 2004 with the condition of the topical people.
These centres, beingness operated from buildings bestowed by the panchayats, had inherent information method regarding the day-to-day operations.
The centres were set up low the auspices of CCF-India with the association of Kingsley Grouping Property, Mr. Jayakumar else.

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